Home FAQs How do I add a new menu link?
How do I add a new menu link?
  • Log in to your admin via the back end i.e. (www.yourdomainname/administrator)
  • Click on Menus and then either click on Main Menu on the dark grey sub navigation or click on the Menu Items icon by the Main Menu (or any other menu you want to edit).  DO NOT click the listed names.
  • With the menu items listed, click New and then select the Menu Item Type (e.g. Articles/ Article Layout).
  • Once you’ve selected the Menu Item Type, you can then give the menu link a title (as it would appear on the website) and then click Save to create new menu item.

Linking a Sub Menu Item

  • If you want the link to be a sub menu item (drop down menu items) follow the steps above.
  • Under the field for Parent Item, select the menu item you want this new link to come under and then click save.

The item should now be listed in the Menu Item Manager and will appear on your menu beneath the item you had previously selected.