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How do I create a new webpage content?
  • Log in to your admin via the back end i.e. (www.yourdomainname/administrator)
  • Click on the tab for Articles or Article Manager in Dashboard view.
  • Click  New - to open article editor
  • Enter your page heading in the part that says ‘TITLE’
  • Select the section and category where you want your content to reflect e.g website pages, news articles, etc
  • Type in your content. Note however, if you are copying your content from MS Word, you will need to copy it and paste it in notepad first.  MS Word uses html (web page) technology to render text, so pasting directly from MS Word could affect the layout and formatting of your page content. Pasting your content into Notepad removes the formatting from MS Word, helping to ensure that your page content is consistent throughout your website.
  • See the note on inserting images (if you want to insert any image to the new content)
  • Use the article editor icons to format your content (e.g. bold, change colour etc) just as you would in MS Word.
  • After you have put everything in place, ensure that radio option “Published” is set to 'Yes' if you intend to make the article immediately available on your website, otherwise select 'No'.
  • Then click save to create article.