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How do I start making changes to my website?
In order to make changes to your website, you need to be logged in. This can be done via back-end of your website. It is important to be familiar with this terminology, as throughout this manual you will be instructed to log in via the back-end of your website.

Back-end Access

On some occasions you may need to log in to your CMS control panel – i.e. the back-end of your website. In order to do this, please follow the instructions below:
  • Type  www.yourdomainname.com/administrator. e.g. if your domain is www.abc.com you would need to type the url www.abc.com/administrator
  • Enter in your username and password. (This would have been emailed to you).
When logged in at the back-end of your website, additional help can be received through selecting ‘Help’, which will be visible at the top-right corner of most pages. For example, if you need help with adding a new user, select the link for User Manager and then simply click on the ‘Help’.