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GetaTherapistWebsite.com gives you all you need to jump start your own counselling or therapy website today. The websites, which are ready to go, come with easy user guides for you to customise the pages with your own content.  You can add text, pictures, links and even video and audio to your therapist website.

With GetaTherapistWebsite.com you have everything you need for a therapist or counselling practitioner website. No matter what aspect of the industry you're in, our website designs can help promote your therapist practice and increase client bookings.

  • Choose from 12 distinctive colour options
    Not just your boring blue/green/red combos either, these are gorgeous!
  • 500 customised letter headed A4 papers styled according to your corporate theme
    Formal and presentable document template for your day to day administrative activities. (Business pack only).
  • 500 contemporary business cards
    Sophisticated looking folded or cut-out complimentary cards with smoothwove or silk artboard finish. (Business pack only).
  • Free domain registration and web hosting
    Free domain name registration (.com,.net.org,and all UK extensions) and the cost of web hosting included in maintenance cost.
  • 100 POP3 email addresses
    Up to a hundred version 3 post office protocol (POP3) domain specific email accounts which essentially enables you to retrieve messages from a remote server onto your local computer or even your mobile device.
  • Maintenance and support
    Our main package comes with telephone as well as  and online live support for just a token fee of £29.99/month with the first month absolutely free for customers signing up for the Business pack.
  • DIY web management
    Content management system (CMS) which affords the leverage of instantly reflecting webpage updates.We also provide helpful user manuals to help you better understand the system.
  • Unlimited webpages
    Our system also allows for an un-ending amount of webpages.